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Name Upscale - Assorted mix part 1
Torrent Upscale - Assorted mix part 1
Info Hash b6eefe01f19ec64906fd7277f33a34e229b17af3
Description Last but one upscale pack

Amanda - enough for 2
Angel - erotic angel
- Flying with Angel
Birthe - Birthe of a doglover
- First
- Boots and bonnie
- Busy Bonnie
- Dog dildo & horse dildo
- Dog Day
- Simply Bonnie
- Doin Domino
- Elivis does domino
- Walkie
- A new love
- Naughty Salesgirl
- I love K9
- Pit stop Chick
- Doing it
- Howl for love
- Kitchen duties
- Massive Mastiff
- Party with INke and friend s
- So Deep
- All tied up
Lady A - Golden A part 1 & 2
- Dream Dog lover
- Loving Maggie
Lobo - Miss Don’t Miss
- Backdoor Joy
- Pumpini Sasha
T-Girl - Dog Mix
- A day in the life
- Double fuck

As suggested compressing with H.265 is giving good savings in file space but is taking around 2 hours per file. I will go back and redo the ones I have posted after I have done what is on my list. Thanks for patience. Working on Frisky at the moment. Thank you to the person that gifted me a request. Anything shared will have conditions respected.

Original Quality Source material needed for
Knotty: Jungleicious2
Vixen: Animal Instinct
Domino: A New Love (with Pippa)
Summer: Twos company
StrayX: The Record Part 3

Looking for decent copies of
Merry Vixmas
Vixen - Puple love

Slave Precious horse movie
Or unleaked seamless elite stuff.
Ill upscale anything you want or die trying. Will not be redistributed.
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AddDate 08/02/2021
Uploader peterpervert
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jasonet 26/01/2022 13.46.48
Well done
cigsl 20/02/2021 18.05.58
mikeair 20/02/2021 00.26.47
you are aint doing anything especailly nto upscale this is just bs

if you cant do a real upscale so  better dont do it becaues its stupid and waste of time
peterpervert 18/02/2021 04.08.11
Got a trail version and limited access to 3 CPUs so Im gettin as much done as possible. reencodin to 265 is taking a CPU out. fixing all audio will take another off. Im doin the heavy lifting. Early stuff worked better. Some ofthis needs twealking but I dont have time. People asked for bonny and inke which id left till last as bad quality. Find a problem thenfeel free to fix yourself. or piss and moan like a prick.
mikeair 17/02/2021 20.27.47
hey shipmaster aka preist you are right but he atleast uploading something while you are just complaining and dont uploading anything lol
shitmaster 17/02/2021 03.11.44
this is garbage.. whoever is upscaling i this is a fukin idiot.
They look liek shit. in fact it looks worse.
You cant just pick soem random setting and hope things come out better. Each video requires precison tuning to get the best outcome.. If you want to upscale a video of 480 it just wont happen. Best you can do is 720 upward. And if you do upscale make sure you upscale to the LARGEST bitrate possible becuase the topaz program is using h264.. Take that h226 video  with 20mb bitrate and then convert it to h265 down to around 7mbs and get the same quality but way less size.. Also many of thie vids in this pack are VERY fucked up as for as the screen ration. They look squeezed in or they just look warped.. Youre a dumb fuck if you think you can just upscale an dnot fix this problem.. Quit while your ahead. Youre wasting peoples time with this shit garbage... example... Sugardane.. Audio is  wayyyy out of sync.. Cause its teh old free copy that been downloaded over 1 million times and screwed up. You spend all that time to try fixing teh upscale but dont even bother to fix th audio... Your a dumb fuckk..
mikeair 16/02/2021 17.50.17
i dont lnow how to do it but since you are know better than me maybe you can use better program for it

peterpervert 16/02/2021 15.17.26
depends on the source material. We are getting to the bottom of the quality scale with these. This is why they were left to last along with some bits and pieces. Feel free to do it yourself.
mikeair 16/02/2021 00.16.10
your upscale not working as its should when you upscale and i already seen upscale movies its hsould be clear and sharp but yours remain the same quality just a bigger file

take a look how its should be appear after the upscale
peterpervert 13/02/2021 07.56.00
Thanks for your input Stevie Wonder. Ask your guide dog to look at the screen. Educate yourself
acoronaplease 12/02/2021 20.10.45
Ok, I have to level with the people upscaling the video.... i do digital film and video production and edit videos.... your not really adding or enhancing anything by upscaling... you can just click full screen and it does the same thing. you cannot "enhance", or make anything better than what is actually filmed. the best thing you could do is correct color scale and color edit the video to look better... you can also encode it into a different format that will help others that don't have or know about the VLC player. but as for "upscaling" as your mentioning... thats what fullscreen mode is for and essentially all your doing is making the file sizes bigger than they should and in H264 encoding so essentially your making the same movies just with a bigger file size for no reason.  converting a 640 size video to 1080P doesnt really help it or do anything for it other than make it a larger file size and take more space on a hard drive. im a big collector and have over a terabit of stuff and looked to bettering the community with video. best thing the community needs is a color video expert to deep edit the footage color to make it more vibrant. Not hating on it.... but as you said it takes 2 hours or so to convert and i feel like your wasting your time with it, unless theres someone out there its helped other than uploading a video they haven't seen yet. hope this helps and hope your day goes well cool2.gif
richardharry19 10/02/2021 20.52.37
I lost my old files in a hard drive crash and I have an unorganised set of videos and these upscales have both given me the things I've been missing (like Maggy's videos) and also giving me the motivation to sort them. Much appreciated! smile1.gif
peterpervert 10/02/2021 02.50.01
thats the codec that people were callin for. I give up.
dubes007 09/02/2021 19.17.41
Most of these have a hard time playing on my PC...
GeraldoSuave 09/02/2021 12.22.49
Thanks for the Angel upscale one my favorites smile1.gif
highernavi 08/02/2021 14.59.36
Thank you very much!
jackysteve777 08/02/2021 14.33.10
Can you put the correct name brother if you could.  Every video are in the name of Bonnie