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Name Black Boar(1800p)
Torrent Black Boar(1800p)
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AddDate 10/11/2020
Uploader lubakabg
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Condom 03/05/2021 23.48.21
The final video is in question. Just against the background of the original vertical, this one looks, well, right now, quite crooked. Hmm, those who shoot a vertical video would have to tear their hands off! After all, the video scene is excellent, the participants are excellent, the camera is modern, the picture is what you need, but here ... verticality! Ohhhhh .... angry.gif
kingo6669 20/03/2021 09.41.15

any other video this girl
Moxxy 10/03/2021 21.53.35
5:4 still doesn't look right to me, but once you start looking at aspect ratios, nothing looks right. no.gif If someone gives me the proper AR, I may be able to convert it without reencoding.

Thanks to the poster anyway.tongue.gif
mark_zys 21/02/2021 00.02.49
yoda 26/01/2021 10.08.33
this girl looks hot...any other videos?
Geronimo99 25/01/2021 15.49.39
Strange aspect ratio 5:4  (MPC-HC player can change it for you).
Short clip (4 minutes), bad camera, bad lighting, screaming bitch, good penetration with sperm smile1.gif
OnlyMe 22/11/2020 23.50.23
the video scale is kinda fucked up in this file, so when u play the vid, uce VLC, and change videoscale to 1:1 or 4:3
Msinned 16/11/2020 17.03.55
Virus free screens without trying to profit!
Leviathan13 11/11/2020 12.49.30
Great! Anybody a longer or full version of this?
yoda 11/11/2020 05.50.50
not finding peers or seeds wont download can some one help?
44sclub 11/11/2020 01.29.22
Thank you Oh boy thumbsup.gif grin.gif
syb34 10/11/2020 19.16.20
#APT : in VLC you can change video ratio while playing a vid (video menu)
Willjo1 10/11/2020 13.52.52
Can't download. Dont know why.
APT 10/11/2020 13.45.14
it's sad that someone turns the video into 16: 9
fooktube 10/11/2020 13.07.30
I love these boar videos tongue.gif, thank you !!!
APT 10/11/2020 12.23.21
tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif tks