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Name Visit in the Bathroom
Torrent Visit in the Bathroom
Info Hash 4e7d4e97838103edeb9c9b56f7d8e2946246b09d
Description Hi everyone, this is my first upload. I found this treat wandering the internet few days ago. A girl already seen, but i never got her name. Enjoy

P.S.: screens are in torrent, I don't really know where to upload them.

Any advice is welcome, hope everithng goes smoothly.
Category Woman and Dog
Size 214.81 MB
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AddDate 17/10/2021
Uploader Chupaf83
Speed 0.34 KB/sec
Down 2364 times
peers seeds: 73, leechers: 6 = 79 peers

bestman 20/10/2021 05.52.11
thanks u, bro!!cool2.gif
Madd_Griff 20/10/2021 03.38.56
Thanks smile1.gif
yuvraj1994 18/10/2021 22.05.57
guys why wont the download start? since the website went on a break none of the torrents here working?
Chupaf83 18/10/2021 19.44.11
@Alexanderson you're welcome bro! cool2.gif
Chupaf83 18/10/2021 19.42.50
Thanks Vilvh, I didn't notice that thread... Well, maybe someone lost it like I did grin.gif
Alexanderson 18/10/2021 19.04.29
Thank You, Man! cool1.gif
fooktube 17/10/2021 23.24.14
Vllvh 17/10/2021 23.22.16
This one was already here.
Chupaf83 17/10/2021 23.19.20
Finally everything is working. Enjoy.
Chupaf83 17/10/2021 23.03.31
Yes, you're right elastic. I will try deluge next time, maybe it's a client problem, i'm using transmission on win and this was my first attempt at making a torrent. It can also be a connection problem, there is a possibilty my provider is blocking something, maybe change vpn.
fooktube 17/10/2021 23.02.33
Stucked on 97 percent
elastic 17/10/2021 22.29.52

I found your video and am seeding it minus the screen shots. You're still not seeding it properly.
Chupaf83 17/10/2021 22.26.36
Well, looks like i'm seeding now, let's see how it goes. If something goes wrong, i'll try something else.
elastic 17/10/2021 22.24.59
Also, which torrent client are you using? I personally use Deluge without any issues.
elastic 17/10/2021 22.24.14
Any chance you can post the link to and then I (or someone else) will seed it here for you?
Chupaf83 17/10/2021 22.18.31
I don't think that's the case, because i opened it from the download bar in my browser, so. But now the message i get from the tracker is "Sorry max peers reached! Redownload torrent from".
elastic 17/10/2021 22.11.10
I think it's the original torrent you see in your client (when you created it). Remove that then add the one you've downloaded from here.
Chupaf83 17/10/2021 22.01.50
Thanks elastic, I did download the torrent from here but i get an error from the tracker. looks like is not autorized. :'(
elastic 17/10/2021 21.56.19
All you need to do now is download the torrent from this page, then add it to your client and seeding will start (Make sure when adding to your client that you point it to your download folder or wherever on your hard drive this is). Thanks for sharing!