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Name Best Brazilian Movie
Torrent Best Brazilian Movie
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Description I don't know the exact title. I believe it is from Salvar in his last days in Brazil.  AnimalPass re-encoded it.  "Best" may be an exaggeraton but it is close.  I re-encoded it to be very small because whatever I upload ends up in various zooporn sites within 3 days.  But unfortunately for me the resulting picture quality is quite good so they will re-encode this into an enlarged version with a decent picture quality.
Or maybe this is already widely available but I have not seen anywhere.
The original was 400 x 300.  I re-encoded it to 800 x 600 as an experiment and the resulting picture quality was OK. But I am uploading the smaller version because these stream sites take from us and make their videos undownloadable.
If someone finds a better version I would be happy to see it uploaded or hear where I can get it.
I forgot to make the screenshot. It is only 50MB so if you are skeptical don't download this.  It is a dog and a girl and the dog furiously fucking the girl.
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AddDate 05/11/2021
Uploader pantingdog
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gumby2136 12/11/2021 21.21.39
TNT 11/11/2021 04.21.06
You're welcome pantingdog, I'm glad my info helped you out. Leticia is also a favorite of mine among the Brazilian girls, along with Milly,  Josy, Aiumy, Sayuri, Latifa and Camila to name just a few. I miss Salvars forum, that place was cool. So many great sites have faded away over time. If I find any more stuff or better versions of Leticia, I will bring it to your attention.
Zoophie_Knotted 11/11/2021 03.24.12
Can someone help me to find this video or any information PLEASE?!

Zoophie_Knotted 10/11/2021 16.55.56
Can someone help me to find this video or any information PLEASE?!

Image link:

pantingdog 10/11/2021 06.24.34
It seems that
The Dog Fucked Leticia in

The last 2 are only 1 and 2 Mb..  That is probably why I missed it or it is somewhere in my downloads but I cannot find them.
Most of them except sal-zbc have LeticiaXXX logo mark.
Leticia does not seem to mind a dog fucking her.
She became one of my favorites.  It is pity that she does not have more vids.
I will be looking for the full clips for the last two clips.
pantingdog 10/11/2021 05.23.30
Thanks TNT.  It was very helpful in my research.
I think I have some of these but did not realize it was Leticia.
At the end of his career Salvar became a convert from dildogging into natural fucking.  It is pity that his career ended before he could persuade more of his Brazilian girls with excellent bodies into dog fucking.
Some of these girls like Aiumy overlap with BFI production.
It is my impression that many of the girls do not like to be fucked by dogs because they find it humiliating(I acturally heard of them saying so) while for others humiliation from the same act is a turn-on.
TNT 09/11/2021 19.28.24

TNT 09/11/2021 18.25.40
First off,  upon closer inspection of my list, it's actually 4 scenes with black & white spotted pointer, the 1 on plastic white chair on the grass is actually a clip from sal-zbc-41. But the overall total remains the same--16 scenes. As far as the fucking goes, they run the standard format of any Salvar shot or other Brazilian movies go. Lots of mounting attempts, some more successful than others, lots of sucking, dildogging & some fake cum. If you can put up with the dildogging & fake cum, the other action is good. Plus most of the Brazilian girls are pretty sexy and none wear masks. I have screens of 15 of those 16 scenes. The 16th scene (Husky on patio) is only 1 photo but seeing her hair style & location is different  than the other 2 Husky scenes, you can tell it's a completely different shoot. I hold onto that photo and also the small clips to remind myself that the scenes do exist & to seek better versions. I'm having difficulty posting images right now, I will try again later.
pantingdog 08/11/2021 03.18.42
Thanks TNT.
Does Leticia actually fuck the dog besides in this movie and in black dress with the black mutt?  Are there screenshots of these movies?
novax 08/11/2021 02.41.38
all these brazil vids are with fake cum.. ruins the whole video
TNT 07/11/2021 21.45.35
I have seen Leticia in a total of  16 scenes,  not all complete.

9 dog, 7 horse.--


5 with the black & white spotted pointer.---

The  one here when stamped with  the animalpass logo, they named it sal-zbc-41 A Walk in the Park.
1 with Leslie.
1 with Sheila.
1 on a plastic white chair on the grass.
1 on a wicker chair on a patio.

2 with a black & white mutt.--

1 she's wearing a white dress.
1 she's wearing a black dress.

3 with a Husky. --

1 on concrete.
1 on grass.
1 on patio (photo only).


5 with a brown & white  horse.--

1 big animal movies logo wearing a green scrunchy in her hair.
1 she's wearing a black shirt with black & white shorts.
1 cc1132 she's wearing a red dress.
1 she's wearing a beige top with a pink skirt.
1 she's wearing a turquoise shirt & panties.

1 with an all brown horse.--

Has c700 logo, 8 small clips, starts out with her completely nude.

1 with a beige horse. --

She's wearing a red top with a pink skirt.

gordeykirilov 07/11/2021 10.10.00
pantingdog 07/11/2021 02.30.05
@jack2x  Can you post the screenshot of that movie or at least the title?
Isa84 06/11/2021 17.09.44
Nice, that part was also one of my absolute faves back in the day. Such a pretty woman with an excited dog. Quite hot, but if only it had more content, the rest is some heavy dildogging as per usual with these vids.

There were a couple of other older videos from South America, that have some beautiful girls, mostly weak content but some decent scenes with actual sex, but rare. For me a few girls would get me cause of their beauty and the taboo act which they really get down on.
jack2x 06/11/2021 12.27.10
There is another video with this dog, that video is also too good, 2 times pounding but hardcore pounding....
pantingdog 06/11/2021 00.10.23
Thanks Jack2.  So her name is Leticia. I found the vid 480p at animalpornrocks.  This is why I posted this vid.  After all it is already available so I should have uploaded the 300p file that I had. But it will be nice if someone can find the original wmv file from Animalpass or even better from Dutchcontent.
Leticia mostly fucks horses.  She has 2 other dog movies but it does not happen.  The dogs hump her a lot but no clear penetration. In one of them the dog might have penetrated her but no clear shot.
jack2x 05/11/2021 20.30.30
Try to search the original file, it's not 48mb, it's 282mb wmv file is good quality, My bad luck my HSD crash
fooktube 05/11/2021 20.12.19

pantingdog 05/11/2021 14.06.24
The reason for the uplaod is to show that there are very good brazilian movies.  In his last days in Brazil Salvar became aware of fans' discontent about dildogging and he tried to get the dogs hump and fuck the girls more often.  There are some good scenes from him during those days.  But he told us about having to close his farm in Brazil and that was the end of an era.  His vids can be found in now-dead Dutchcontent Crazy Cow etc.