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Torrent ArtOfZoo - Girls And Animals
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pantingdog 02/11/2021 16.58.16
After some research I found that this is Mr Dog 74 - Deflorada Por Um Ponei - Deflowered by a Ponei?
This is actually counted as "better than average" because there is a very brief scene where the first girl is fucked by the dog.  Most of Mr Dog series are just dildogging.  Even if there is just a 5 sec scene of a dog fucking a girl it is considered good.
I have not seen a full movie with the title for this number but Beasty Brasil 13 has it.  It is too bad that this vid has no title.
Without it it is not considered a full movie by us collectors.

These are old movies and 480p - 576p is the best you can get because none of them came out in HD.
pantingdog 02/11/2021 16.03.10
This is from the Mr Dog Series.  Topscore was the distributor but BFI took over and it is now sold by AnimalSexHost.
Zero 18/10/2021 16.04.29
Who´s the chick at 13:50? And what company is it who produced the specific scene?
thekodro75 16/10/2021 23.17.54
Not ArtOfZoo. This is cropped video of low quality. Once downloaded, next second deleted.  Anyway, thanks for the effort to put it online.
Tango4Zaina 11/10/2021 19.24.30

Proper naming instead of bullshit-naming would be nice though.

Imagine downloading christmas songs and getting hiphop. It might be nice hiphop but still...

If people spent as much as 2 seconds looking at the description I put, you wouldn't need to worry about things like proper naming.
glm 11/10/2021 18.15.06
Proper naming instead of bullshit-naming would be nice though.

Imagine downloading christmas songs and getting hiphop. It might be nice hiphop but still...
Skilos1961 11/10/2021 16.58.47
A huge FOOK YOU to anyone complaining about somebody uploading something for all of us. If you do not like it do not download it fookfaces!
zbow1974 11/10/2021 11.46.12
it was a requested upload, why do any of you care if its old or new? no one is making anyone download anything, if someone wants to fill a request for another member they should be able to do so without people whining about it.
Zeeibe 11/10/2021 08.17.07
Agreed, not AoZ proper. Not entirely worthless but lacks pretty much any active participation from animals (just dog/horse dildo stuff). Personally I won't keep, but I have seen much much worse, so thanks for adding to our little corner of the world!
MrKnotts 11/10/2021 05.30.41
@lordred- Doesn't matter. None of the clips in this compilation are relevant as far as AoZ are concerned. Title should be different. Ppl need to refrain from UL anything unless it is new or unique (as in a custom edited compilation or something).
lordred 11/10/2021 00.01.38
thank you for torrent , i lost this video years ago in my old hd.for those who say this video sucks, show a video of aoz or seamless or teamrussia that the girl rides the dog?
i appreciated the help to get this video thank you
MrKnotts 10/10/2021 23.36.50
A shitty compilation and not anything of AoZ... I would skip. People are getting bored on here and posting repetitive shit.
fooktube 10/10/2021 20.02.20